Silicone multifunctional leaky basket fruit basket steamed vegetable washing basket with silicone asphaltener

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Silicone multifunctional leaky basket / Multifunctional leaky basket / Basket

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Environmentall friendly material
  • FDA grade material
  • More colors to choose
  • Durability and fexibility
  • OEM or ODM

Product Details

Product specification:

Item No:DYS-0086

Product name:Silicone multifunctional leaky basket

Material: silicone material


Color: customized colors

Packing: 1pcs/oppbag, 100pcs/ctn


Product description:

*This product has a variety of uses, can be used to place fruit, can also put the food on it, can also be used as a washing basket and so on. It's a good helper for the kitchen.

*This product uses silicpne material, does not injure the utensils, stir evenly, is simple and easy to use. The material is soft and undeformed and easy to use. Non-skid handle, strong interface, clean and hygienic. Beautiful appearance, easy to accept, easy to clean.

* Long service life: good stability, high and low temperature resistance, soft texture, will not easily deform and material hard appear fracture phenomenon, because of the material relationship, timely is falling on the ground will not easily break.

*Tolerance to high and low temperatures: can be used between-40 degrees 230 degrees.

*Anti-mildew: place time for a long time will not be afraid to say that there is mildew phenomenon 

*Cleaning convenience: silica gel kitchen utensils are easy to clean, clean with clean water can be very good tableware cleaning, in line with our extreme needs for the current life products.

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