Silicone hand warmer mini portable explosion-proof silicone warm handbag

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Silicone hand warmer / Hand warmer / Hot-water bag

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Environmentall friendly material
  • FDA grade material
  • Wear resistance, High temperature resistance
  • More colors to choose,good promotional gifts
  • OEM or ODM

Product Details

Product specification:

Item No:DYS-0107

Product name:Silicone hand warmer

Material: silicone material

Color: color customized

Packing: 1pcs/oppbag,100pcs/ctn


Considerations for the use of products:


1, the injection of hot water use, avoid boiling water directly into the water temperature of 80 or so, the filling capacity of 3/4 is appropriate

2. When not in use, drain the water, fill it with appropriate amount of air, and store it at the wall dry place

3. Please do not keep close to the body for a long time. The combination of hot water bottle and cloth bag is better to avoid hot temperature scald

4. Do not use for children under 3 years old

When using microwave oven:

Please make sure to remove the velvet bag

2. Be sure to fill the bag body with cold water to make the anti-air bag burst

3. The heating power of microwave oven shall not exceed 800w

4. Heating time shall not exceed 3 minutes. Please do not overheat

5. If there are any abnormal conditions such as expansion during heating, please stop heating 

immediately. In addition, please do not turn on the microwave oven

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