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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Environmentall friendly material
  • FDA grade material
  • Available colors to choose
  • Durability and flexibility
  • OEM or ODM

Product Details

Product specification:

Item No:DYS-0055

Product name:silicone pet toy 

Material: silicone material


Net Weight:0.1kg

Color:  Pink,Red,Yellow, Blue,Purple, Black

Type:Pet toys

Application:Cats & Dogs

Packing: 1pcs/oppbag, 200pcs/ctn



Product description:

*Getting emotional communication and interactive .Pet trade means that it plays a very important role in this kind of pet toy, that is, through the toy can release their emotions, but also can deepen communication and interaction with their owners, will not let pets feel lonely, especially when pets are alone at home, will feel very boring, if accompanied by these toys, It can also make pets feel very fun and not unhappy. 

*Educational. Pet toys that can improve the intelligence quotient of pets can greatly improve the intelligence quotient of pets themselves, can make pets understand more things, can better understand what the owner wants to express, so that they can be integrated into the whole environment and get more love from their owners. 

*To help health. Through the application of this toy can also make the pet's own body get better exercise, maintain their own health, such as many small ball games, through which pets can exercise their own running and jumping, can let pets participate in more activities.

Shenzhen Dongyusheng Silicone&Rubber Technology Co., Ltd

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