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Silicone thunder frog / Thunder frog / Frog

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  • Environment-friendly material
  • FDA grade material
  • Available more colour
  • Durability and flexibility
  • OEM or ODM

Product Details

Product specification:

Item No:DYS-0104

Product name:Silicone  frog

Material: silicone material

Color: customized colors

Packing: 1pcs/oppbag, 200pcs/ctn


Product description:

*Thunder frog is mainly composed of frog body, hook, lead and frog foot. The good frog body uses soft and high quality silica gel, which is beneficial to the black fish to expose the prickly fish in time when biting. 

*Fish luring device.Many thunder frogs are equipped with feet or tails, which can make natural and gentle movements when pulled slowly. Some frogs also have rotating sequins on their tails that bend light. These accessories will make the frog more attractive and easier to spot by the target fish.

*Anti-jamming function.The frog's double hook has an inwardly facing tip and a raised tail of plastic. It can pull through the obstacle without touching the obstacle, so it has an excellent anti-jamming effect. Thunderfish like to hide behind missy's obstacles, so many fishing spots and soft glue bug and beard baits are useless. The thunder frog's hidden back hook solves this problem. Some fishing grounds such as grass holes in grass, water haystack, lotus pond, even dense as hemp reeds can be put in without hanging the card, there are fish news to ensure that the accurate thorn fish.

* Floating and sinking dual-purpose

Although most DiaoYou use ray frog just floating, ray, a frog can be become submerged proposed to use the bait, the method is very simple in frog can be injected water in the body, but the way of domestic resources are not sufficient, large fish also increasingly scarce, submerged way for fishing of people believe that little little, but when I have to deal with than the water surface and underwater giant, using heavy mine frogs do not break is a convenient choice.

*Strong back hooks.The design of the back hook of the thunder frog is one of its strengths. The hook is thick and strong, which can effectively avoid the situation of taking away the fish or breaking off the hook. It is suitable for the powerful or violent fishing method such as thunder strong. In many cases, the double hook will hit through the upper or lower jaw of the fish, of course, the damage to the fish is also greater.

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